Sea eagle Victor on the KölnTurm roof

koelnturm sea eagle


Gliding flights over Paris, London, the Alps – and now over Cologne: Equipped with a special camera, sea eagle Victor makes breathtaking videos from a bird's eye perspective. From the roof of the KölnTurm, Victor wanted to soar over Cologne.

On a stormy day in May, sea eagle Victor arrived at the KölnTurm in his travel box together with his falconers. He was supposed to complete his first ever flight in Germany in Cologne. And be filmed in action by a camera team from SternTV. It's a small miracle that Victor can actually fly. Reared in a zoo, Victor, like all birds of prey born in captivity, did not initially learn to fly properly. This was something he only learnt later with trainer Olivier Travers at the birds of prey park Les Aigles du Léman in the foothills of the French Alps.

The animal trainer has been involved with protecting endangered birds of prey for years and he prepares many birds for their release into the wild. He taught Victor to carry a small camera on his back. Pictures of Victor's flights across Paris, London and the Alps are proof of the success of Travers' project.

In Cologne, Victor was supposed to fly to the Cathedral from the top of the KölnTurm. But the weather put paid to plans even for the storm-experienced eagle. On the roof of Cologne's highest office building, winds were so strong that Victor couldn't even take off. Film crew, falconers and eagle had to make do with the view from the roof and Victor had to take off from a smaller building. Still a memorable day for everybody involved.

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