Media design students produce KölnTurm film

Koelnturm media design


Every day, hundreds of people go in and out of KölnTurm, Cologne's highest office building. They all enter the tower through the foyer, the centrepiece of which is a state-of-the-art "media counter". Media design students from the Rheinische Fachhochschule produced the film "Köln.Turm.Stadt" especially for this counter.

Twelve large-format screens make up the media counter in the KölnTurm. Individually or collectively, they can present films, images, charts or messages in text form. In the past few months, students of media design at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne (RFH) were offered the opportunity to use the media counter to present their own ideas. As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and its campaign to support education, science and youth development, KölnTurm owner Dream Global REIT funded a practical semester course and invited students to study the KölnTurm, views from and of the tower and its impact on the city.

All kinds of concepts were considered, presented and discussed. One outstanding contribution was the film "Köln.Turm.Stadt", which shows the tower and city from totally new perspectives. Computer-generated reflections of the KölnTurm and other well-known local buildings – the Cathedral, Colonius, Kranhäuser, Hohenzollern Bridge and the Lanxess Arena – allow the KölnTurm to pass through the city over the course of a day in time-lapse images. One the one hand, the building thus becomes mobile, on the other, the KölnTurm comes to the city. In reality, it's precisely the other way round: Cologne is presented in pictures on the facade of the city's highest office building, so the city comes to the KölnTurm, as it were.

The media designers spent around 500 hours creating the sophisticated 3D project. Because of the lengthy rendering procedure, computer work alone accounted for 300 hours. Work that certainly paid off. Residents and visitors to the KölnTurm can see for themselves every time the three-minute film sequence is shown on the media counter.

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