An architectural landmark. The office building for the highest standards.

With the KölnTurm, the Essen architect Christian Kohl and his famous Parisian colleague Jean Nouvel have created a landmark that is superior in all respects. Its most prominent feature: the double-glazed façade, which doesn’t merely reflect the silhouette of the surrounding neighborhoods, but seems to actually enclose them as an engraving – including the Cologne Cathedral, which the KölnTurm thus accords special reverence.

Simultaneously, the façade creates a natural ventilation system for the entire office space. Thanks to the dynamic light installation by the Düsseldorf artist Professor Heinz Mack, the KölnTurm remains an eye-catcher and symbol of the city at night too.

The KölnTurm is the tallest office building in Cologne – and the second tallest skyscraper in Germany outside of Frankfurt/Main, offering high-quality modern office space of all sizes that is tailored to the workflow and the corporate design of the respective user. From compact to large. From functional to elegant.

With its impressive architecture, modern amenities, stunning views and the inspiring environment of the creative metropolis of Cologne, the KölnTurm meets the highest standards when it comes to style, prestige and comfort.

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